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All decks framed by Deck Works Construction Inc. will meet or exceed the requirements set out in the current edition of the Alberta Building Code, as it pertains to decks.

Framing material will be ACQ pressure treated lumber, of sizes defined in the span tables forming part of the Alberta Building Code, secured with ACQ approved fastener and hangers supported on built up beams and posts.


Deck Works Construction Inc. utilizes two types of foundations, dependent on code requirements, however piles are the most utilized method to ensure long term stability of the deck:

Where piles are required by the Alberta Building Code, municipalities vary on this requirements, metal helical screw piles are used
The piles are designed by the foundation contractor to meet the load requirements and calculations submitted to the municipality with the building permit application for approval
Where piles are not required by the Alberta Building Code posts can be supported on paving slabs over compacted subgrade, providing a floating deck.
For new homes this is not an ideal foundation, because the grade within approximately 10 feet of the building will settle, over time, causing the deck to rack correspondingly