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Initial Meeting

At the point you contact Deck Works Construction Inc. most clients have a good idea of the deck size, configuration and a dollar value they wish to invest in their project.

At the important first meeting, and all others, the principal of Deck Works Construction Inc. will meet at the client’s house, at a convenient date and time, too discuss the project and its objectives, and review the deck location relative to the house and yard features.

From information obtained, Deck Works Construction Inc. can offer suggestions on the layout and material selection, relative to the primary use of the deck:

Tiered deck for various functions, hot tub, BBQ, and seating/eating areas
Large level deck for entertaining, possibly configured to reflect a feature of the house or yard
Elevated deck above a walk-out basement, optimize configuration for pile locations and stairs

Generally the deck configuration and material selection is not finalized at the first meeting, but provides an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of the project and suggest ideas for consideration.

Based on the initial selection of material, deck size, configuration, railing and stair requirements, Deck Works Construction Inc. can provide the client with an order of magnitude cost for comparison to their budget.

Deck Works Construction Inc. can provide square foot costing for a selection of alternate materials, alternate deck configuration to simplify framing/foundations to maximize the dollar value of the investment. This provides the client an opportunity to review the alternate material selection and other suggestions at their leisure and finalize at the next meeting.